“I don’t know about you,” the college student said to his friend “but I don’t have time for braces. All those appointments, when would I fit them in? I’m taking five classes this semester.” His friend smiled, a perfectly straight smile “I thought I didn’t have time to fix my teeth either, until I found out about remote appointments. I could check in with my orthodontist before class, after class, whenever I had time. It was really easy, and it saved me a lot of time, and gas money. You should check it out.”

Anywhere Orthodontics by Dr. Maria Yazji is perfect for busy college students in South Florida. Getting a straight smile is possible for even the busiest student thanks to this convenient, time-saving treatment option from the offices of Dr. Yazji Orthodontics. Anywhere Orthodontics pairs popular Invisalign® treatment with an innovative app that allows for remote appointments. The combination of Invisalign® clear aligners and remote appointments lets college students in Miami Dade and Broward County get advanced orthodontic treatment on their terms.

Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen use clear, plastic aligners to straighten teeth and close gaps between teeth. Unlike silver braces, these aligners let you keep a natural looking, metal-free smile as you straighten your teeth. Invisalign aligners can be removed briefly each day, letting you eat, brush, and floss comfortably. Dr. Maria Yazji is a diamond Invisalign® provider, and the only diamond Invisalign® orthodontist in Broward County. UM students, FIU students, FAU students, and college students throughout South Florida can straighten their teeth with Anywhere Orthodontics by Dr. Maria Yazji.  

Remote appointments with the dental monitoring app are quick and easy. Anywhere Orthodontic patients simply scan an image of their smile from wherever they are and upload it through the app. You can have your Invisalign® checkup from campus, fitting your orthodontic treatment into your busy schedule. Dr. Yazji will monitor all of your scans, and provide instructions for your Invisalign® treatment through messages on your phone. You can improve your smile, with fewer in-office appointments, with Invisalign® braces and remote appointments from Dr. Yazji Orthodontics.   

It’s easy to get perfect smile with Anywhere Orthodontics by Dr. Maria Yazji:  

  • First, become an Invisalign® patient at the offices of Dr. Yazji Orthodontics
  • Next, Dr. Yazji will give you access to the dental monitoring app
  • Then, use the app for some of your Invisalign® appointments – anytime, anywhere

If you’re a college student in South Florida, you can get your best smile by graduation with Anywhere Orthodontics by Dr. Maria Yazji. Make an appointment today for an Anywhere Orthodontics consultation with Dr. Yazji, or contact one of our three South Florida offices. Anywhere Orthodontics gives college students a convenient way to get their best smiles – and that’s something to smile about!

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